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Recognising and Developing Compassion

To have compassion for others, one must realise Self-compassion first. Compassion is the ability to recognise suffering in oneself and others, and then taking action to alleviate the suffering through kindness, understanding, and love. In today’s society, with many diverse inequalities, it may seem difficult to have compassion or empathy, but it is probably needed…

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Behind the Covid-19 mask lies another dilemma

Don’t let wearing the COVID mask becomes your norm “Virtue has a veil, vice is a mask.” – Victor Hugo At the beginning of the year, some people began wearing masks as a prevention to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, as we start to realise very quickly how our lives have changed and will continue to…

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Stay Connected for Mental Wellness

Establishing a connection is essential for many reasons. Whether that connection is with yourself, others, or nature? According to psychologists, making a connection is extremely important for our overall sense of self, our emotional and physical health. Dozen of clinical researches have shown that people are generally ‘happier’ when connected in any form of relationships….

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