Please help yourselves to these audio meditations. A gift from me to you.

“Kindness begin with an understanding that sometimes we all need a helping hand.” – Buddha.

You can also find them on my YouTube channel. When you are ready to take the next step in your journey, you can reach out to me below.

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If you find these resources helpful, I love your feedback on what was helpful (or not). Please provide your comments on Twitter.

Please do not listen to the meditation or any audio media from Patchouli Therapy while you are driving or operating any machinery.

The meditations are designed to help you experience the practice of relaxation, mindfulness and self-development for personal use only. It is an adaptation of many scripts that can be found online. It gives you an idea of meditation practice as a ritual to self-care, which anyone can learn and experience.

Please ensure that you are not disturbed during the meditation for their effectiveness. Turn off all electronic devices.

You may want to have a glass of water ready for after the meditation. You may want to have a piece of paper and a pen to make notes about your experience.

Sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet and safe place & relax.


Awakening Spiritual Awareness Meditation – to help you make connections to spirituality (8 Mins).

Body Scan Meditation – to help you make connections with the body (22 Mins).

Cave Meditation – to help you realise your inner qualities as a gift (20 Mins).

Grounding Meditation  – to help you be more grounded within the body (25 Mins).

Inner Healer Meditation – to help you connect to the healer within (17 Mins).

Soft Belly Meditation – to help you let go of unhelpful thoughts or emotions (11 Mins).

Trust in life and Self-Belief Meditation – to help you build trust and believe in yourself (17 Mins). 

“The first rule of kindness is to be kind to yourself, your health and your wellbeing.” – Buddha.

I cannot emphasise the benefits of making your own recording with your own voice. When you listen to your voice, you are learning to experience how you sound, how you soothe yourself, and how you speak to yourself. The benefits of the recording, using your own voice will allow you to hear yourself speaking. Although you may notice a lot of things you dislike about your voice, I would encourage you to persist with the recording/listening to your recording.

Please, be patient in your attempt to make the recordings. You can learn a lot about yourself in the process. And eventually, you will learn to love your voice, and loving yourself.


Disclaimer: Please understand that the resources are complementary to therapy treatment and they are not a substitute for a medical or psychiatric diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical or professional practitioner.