Helpful Resources and Tools – Complimentary of Patchouli Therapy

Please help yourselves to these helpful tools. They are specifically designed to help you with Self-growth on your Self-discovery journey. When you are ready to take the next step in your journey, you can reach out below.

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If you find these resources helpful, I love your feedback on what was helpful (or not). Please provide your comments on Twitter.

Which Therapy is for me?

Subpersonalities Worksheet

Journalling fact sheet

An Evening Review Meditation script

House of Self Meditation script

Defense Mechanism fact sheet

Click here to download adobe reader for free.


Please help yourselves to these useful indicators that I also use within the therapeutic services. Please note that these indicators are not for (self) diagnosing, but simply questionnaires for therapeutic services.

Addictive Personality Test

Attachment Styles Questionnaire

Anger Assessment

Beck Anxiety Test

Codependency Personality Test

Depression Test

Generalised Anxiety Test

Inner Child Questionnaire


Disclaimer: Please understand that the resources are complementary to therapy treatment and they are not a substitute for a medical or psychiatric diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Please, note that the resources here at Patchouli Therapy are not for diagnosis for treatment. If you want a diagnosis, I recommend that you see a qualified medical or psychiatric practitioner.