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Psychotherapy focuses on longer-term works drawing insight into psychological and emotional problems or challenges. Long-term therapy is usually more than 24 sessions, and it is often open-ended.

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention that works with the psyche to explore depth analysis. It is suitable for any person who is ‘soul-searching’. The work is deeply explorative and rewarding. Many of the experiences in psychotherapy requires exploring the past, wounding, childhood conditioning and trauma.

Clients that come to psychotherapy would have experienced some sort of spiritual crisis such as a mid-life crisis, a crisis of identity, conflicting moral, deep inner turmoil, and psychological affliction, where the psychological problem lead to physical pain, illness or disease. Some of the problems could be acute or chronic, with neurosis and symptoms of psychosis.

A psychological assessment is necessary to establish the severity of the symptoms as a basis of the psychosynthetic work. As a psychotherapist, I will be using the techniques and applications from Psychosynthesis Psychology.

Psychosynthesis as therapeutic frameworks means working toward change, toward wholeness and to establish a connection between the ego-I-Self with the spirit. This approach will help deepen your spirituality. The session also draws upon Will Therapy (the works of Otto Rank), Chakra Healing work, Inner Child Work and the Subpersonalities work.

Psychotherapy has many potential benefits include:

  • Developing a deep psychological awareness of self, and self-realisation.
  • Developing insight into one’s habit pattern, behaviours and tendencies.
  • Developing ways to recognise negative and positive feelings within the context of the situation.
  • Help to establish an inner sense of trust, and self-worth.
  • Help boost self-esteem and build confidence.
  • Help to recognise own moral and ethical issues.
  • Help to recognise own personality, identity and characteristics.
  • Help to understand, realise and recognise own needs and wants.
  • Help to make sense of the internal conflict, addressing the turmoil and self-evaluate own inner affliction.
  • Making connections to the inner child, and/or the adapted child.
  • Developing a connection with religion, ritual and traditions.
  • Developing a connection with our spirit or soul help connects you to wholeness of the physical and spiritual self.
  • Psycho-education and learning about the self in individuation.

Psychotherapy can also offer educational benefits include:

  • Developing self-love and self-compassion for the personal self, which boost our inner radiance.
  • Learning how to communicate using I-thou, which promotes assertiveness.
  • Learning about the self and self-discovery work is deeply rewarding as you get to know yourself and have self-acceptance.
  • Understanding our own needs and wants help to strengthen our inner ego.
  • Understand how one relates to the self will help you to relate to others better.
  • Self-discovery journey is a life-long road to self-fulfilment.
  • Understanding our purpose, meaning and values help us make sense of our lives.

Psychotherapy can be an extremely helpful intervention for any person wanting to understand their personal self, and their spiritual soul. The inner work is a journey into one psyche through self-expression of the body, feeling, mind and soul. The works required commitments, patience, love and understanding. In the therapeutic setting, you are encouraged to be with your emotions, to sit with the tears as well as the joys.

Shadows, silences and discomfort are expected within the recollection. In therapeutic settings, there may be role-playing, role-reversal and through projection, the therapist might become your ‘less than ideal’ parents, re-enacting past experiences and unresolved psychological dilemmas.

The thought of committing to long-term psychological work might sound daunting to you. However, many clients begin this journey through counselling, and natural curiosity and self-fulfilment eventually lead to psychotherapy.

In a therapeutic session with a non-judgmental therapist, you will be encouraged to discuss the contents of the past and traumas that are triggered and retriggered until the person can psychologically self-reflect to find the inner resources.

Psychotherapy Rates – £70 per 50 minutes session


Psychotherapy session sliding scale available, if proof of low-income is provided. Please, ask me for more details.

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“Therapy beings when you take a deep look at yourself and like the person you used to be, the person that you are and the person that you yet to become.”

– Patch Welling

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