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Energy work or Energy Therapy is an alternative approach to Complementary and Holistic therapies.

Body Code healing is based on the techniques of Dr Bradley Nelson. It is a method of clearing imbalances within the body, mind and spirit. It is an energy healing technique that promotes energy flow within the physical and spiritual body.

Physicians have long established that atoms are the building blocks of life. Atoms are protons, neutrons and electrons.  They coexist and bonded together to form a mass and matter, but essentially they are simply energy.

Although energy is invisible, you can still feel the energy as a ‘heaviness’, ‘lightness’ a ‘tightness’ or as warmth, tingling, prickly sensation, accompanied by emotions they can become stuck or lodged in the body during times of distress. The intensity of our emotions depends on the experiential situation and past body-memories of our lived experiences. When we are overwhelmed and bombarded with several emotions at once, they can be hellacious. If we were unable to process those emotions and feelings at the time that it was sanitised, or if we were interrupted by compound traumas, they can become stuck in the body, organs, and spiritual field.

As a certified Body Code practitioner, using  Discovery Healing techniques and applications developed by Dr Bradley Nelson. Body Code session can help clients identify trapped emotions and heart wall emotions within the physical and spiritual body.



Trapped emotions are emotion that got stuck, lodged within our physical/spirit body. This static emotion becomes stuck because it was unprocessed, unresolved, suppressed or repressed at the initial sensitizing event. Trapped emotions can be as painful as the initial event and it continues to be a problem long after the event has occurred. It is often considered by Emotion Code/Body Code practitioners that trapped emotions are the root causes of many physical and psychological problems.

The Body Code session work to release trapped emotions from the body circuitry system, organs, glands in the physical body and the spirit body. Because everything is energy, and energy is everywhere, it can be stuck in the body, and in the mind, as mental constructs and mindset. These energy signatures will have an energy vibration that imbalances the person.

We emit and are influenced by the energy that is all around us. Energy healing works help to clear these impurities from our auric field.

Have you ever wonder why sometimes you are drawn to people who want to hurt you? Perhaps you may be broadcasting an unhealthy negative belief about how other people should treat you. Or perhaps you have a saboteur in your energy field. I believe that trapped emotion is caused here.

In the Body Code healing session, using the Body Code technique includes tapping into the universal power and positive intention to bring trapped emotions to the surface of consciousness and resetting the body so that they can then be released. In so doing, you may notice a shift within your energy, as the body discharges the blockages and letting go.

Body Code Rates is

£90 (per session)  

If you are interested in experiencing an Emotion Code healing session, please contact me for more details.

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“Energy is everything and everywhere. Everything is energy and it is everywhere. One cannot exist without the other.”

– Patch Welling

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